Rental/Facility Use Request Form

Thank you for submitting your Rental Request/Facility Use Request. We will be in touch with you shortly. Have a great day!
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If a rental request is approved, the following is an example of what will be on the final agreement that the renter will need to agree to before the agreement is finalized. (subject to change - you will be given a copy of the final agreement to review before signing):

1.  Agrees to the rental fee and/or deposit, as determined by the Armory Youth Project (AYP) Rental Committee for use of designated areas, as documented on the Request Form.  Rental Fees help the Armory Youth Project continue their youth programs.

2.  The final payment is due two weeks prior to the event (does not apply to ongoing rentals making regularly scheduled payments.) Make checks payable to Armory Youth Project (AYP), or the reservation is canceled.

3.  No use of cigarettes, illegal drugs, or controlled substances outside or inside the Armory Youth Project premise.

4.  If alcohol is to be served at the event, it must be served by a Licensed Bartender, and proof of liability insurance provided to the AYP office prior to the event.

5.  Acknowledges that filling out this rental request does not constitute an agreement for the rental.  Once the request has been reviewed, you will be notified whether or not the request is approved. If approved a rental agreement will be written up by AYP and given/sent to you for final acceptance.

6. Acknowledge that a Secure Entry process is used at the Facility during AYP afterschool hours (M-Th 2:30-5:30 pm). Any adults using the facility during these times need to go through our background check process prior to using our facility. (Rentals during this time are very limited.) Lockdown Facility Procedures (entry &/or exit) will be enforced should local officials declare an emergency situation in the vicinity.

7. Renters are responsible, if needed, to communicate with the community and volunteers for their events (Examples include phone calls and advertising.)  AYP does not advertise events for renters. Renters agree to not use the AYP logo, nor imply that AYP is sponsoring the event, without prior approval from the Executive Director or the Board of Directors.

8.  If the use of the kitchen is part of the rental, I agree to comply with Health Department event licensing and follow food safety and sanitation requirements.  In addition, proof of Licensed Caterer engagement, if applicable, will be provided to the Office prior to the event.  The Caterer is held accountable to follow the same requirements indicated above.

9.  Snow removal: If an event is happening outside of AYP hours, snow removal of the sidewalk area is the responsibility of the renter.  In the fenced area, AYP only plows enough for garbage removal, if anything more is needed, it is the responsibility of the renter to contact the AYP contractor at their own expense. 

10.  Before leaving the building after my event: (Refundable deposit is returned in full if the facility is properly cleaned and no damages).
    a.  I will make sure the tables, chairs, and other items are put away in their original area.
    b.  I will make sure the areas utilized are clean, i.e. sanitized, vacuumed, swept, etc.
    c.  If the Kitchen is utilized, I will make sure that the Kitchen Clean-up checklist is followed.
    d.  If the Kitchen is utilized, I will turn off all fans, appliances, and lights that we turned on when finished.
    e.  I will make sure that the bathrooms have been checked and will notify AYP if there are any problems.
    f.  I will make sure that trash/garbage has been taken care of properly.
    g.  If we are the last to leave the building, we will make sure the lights have been turned off and the doors have been locked (including security bars.)  If there are others in the building, we will shut off lights and close doors (if applicable) to areas we rented.

11.  I further acknowledge that failure to comply with this agreement could result in additional fees or loss of future use of the building.


Thank you for submitting your Rental Request/Facility Use Request. We will be in touch with you shortly. Have a great day!